Malini Kochupillai

Malini is a Delhi based photographer and curator whose practice examines the public realm of cities as an alt site for art interventions and social engagement. She develops site-specific projects, primarily in collaboration with like-minded artists and curators, that engage with artists to create accessible, relatable and compelling works that aim to spark new conversations and ideas. Her work is driven by the firm belief that thoughtful creative practices can offer an increasingly volatile world a moment of pause and self-reflection.

In 2018, Malini co-founded Tenacious Bee Collective in rural Himachal Pradesh, nestled in the Western ranges of the Himalaya, with the aim of finding ways to promote collective community action to mitigate the economic and ecological challenges facing these fragile landscapes. By learning from the way bees work together for the survival and resilience of their hive, Tenacious Bee is working closely with our agrarian community to preserve traditional knowledge systems around beekeeping, facilitating organic farming practices and restoring local biodiversity, while creating a lively space for a healthy exchange of ideas between artists, scientists, beekeepers, and the community.