Nathalie Muchamad

Nathalie Muchamad is a visual artist originally from New Caledonia, Pacific Ocean. She is now based in Mayotte Comoro Archipel, which is a territory of France. Her work is articulated through video, drawing, text, installation. She takes into account a geography and its history exploring the notion of multiplicity in a connected and multipolar world. Its origins, both Javanese and New Caledonian, question the idea of an identity that is deconstructed through the quest for history and the past. Her recent work questions the legacy of the 1955 Bandung conference in Indonesia, in the current context of post-colonial identity constructions and in a decoloniality of knowledge. Focusing on the motif and the archive that she reappropriates, Nathalie Muchamad explores the role of trade and commodity in colonialism , she proposes research on the history of spices and plants in a Plantationocene context where the conditions of establishment of the populations of European overseas territories are linked to the spice and plant trade.

She participated at the Biennal of Taipei in 2020 “You and I don’t live on the same planet” and at the last Kochi Biennal India 22–23 “In Our Veins Flow Ink and Fire” with curator Shubigui Rao and Mario Ashley d’Souza.