Zayaan Khan

Zayaan is an artist, who works through curiosity, research, experimentation and engagement through food as a means of understanding the world. She is focussed particularly on seed, landand our collective heritage. Influenced by tradition, both inherited and the creation of new ones, reclaiming culture and reviving tradition through progressive interpretation in order to enact a listening for the future. Zayaan works with salt, clay, plant, wood and water are examples of these in their many biodiverse manifestations and into their myriad of relations and uses. She works as an artist, consultant, food transformer, ceramicist, writer and researcher working from a socio-political platform to understand truer meanings of transformation and expressing solutions through the ways in which we consume, from food to medicine, art, cosmetic or household consumables. She is also building the Seed Biblioteek, a seed library highlighting the story of seed in South Africa.