Grace Gloria Denis

Grace Gloria Denis’ work converges agricultural research with interactive installation, braiding together edible matter and sound to propose a convivial and comestible approach to critical inquiry. Implementing the meal as both a medium and a pedagogical tool, her work refers to participatory action research models, engaging in collaborations with actors in local food systems utilizing agroecological techniques. Her work considers the quotidien interaction with the esculent realm as a poetic tool of transmission, inviting a reframing of sensorial relations to consumption practices. Grace received her BFA from Cal Arts and her MFA from TRANS— at HEAD Genève, with a focus on critical pedagogy. Her post-graduate studies include ETH Zurich’s World Food Systems Center and agroecology and biointensive agriculture at Las Cañadas. She has taught and developed non-profit arts education programs for various institutions, most currently an eco-pedagogy program for HEAD Genève, and recently published the book In, From, and With: Exploring Collaborative Survival.