Cocinas Abiertas (Open Kitchens)

In 2021 FAR Network had the opportunity to work with Cocina CoLaboratorio based in Mexico to help bring people we admire to the table to talk about the power of agency, community, and creative practices in food systems.

With the strain of Covid19 pandemic many people around the world are focused on the politics of food, as a group we wanted to share small strategies, micropolitical practices that draw attention to the entanglements within our guts.

As part of this exchange the Mariana Martinez Balvanera created OPEN KITCHENS: a compilation of short videos by artists and cooks from different territories, which analyze the micropolitics of situated artistic and culinary practices and the macropolitics connecting and forming networks between them. Cocina Abiertas refers to an “open studio” of creatives who work from the kitchens, the videos show their role in creating new imaginaries to analyze, reinvent and shape the future of food.

The compilation was developed in collaboration with many of the FAR Network members and we are excited to share it with you.