Kitchen Table Talks (Delhi)

Hosted by Food Art Research Network and School of IO 

Kitchen Table Talks is an intimate gathering of friends and friends of friends hosted by School of IO (Meenakshi Thirukode) and Food Art Research Network. 

School of IO, based in New Delhi, functions as an improvised set of spaces for enquiries into curatorial and artistic practice as a site for developing radical, non-transactional forms of coming together through temporal political agencies.

Join us for an evening of conversations and exchange around the practices of artists/ researchers that include stories around food, ecology, photography, vernacular architecture and grassroots work with people’s movements.  We gather to share our knowledge and experiences while eating food prepared from recipes shared by the 8:30 network of women photographers. 

About the 8:30 Cookbook: Food is often the simplest, most direct and meaningful way to reach people. We all understand the language of food. But sometimes we might not focus on its complexities – its emotions, histories, sorrows and joys, resilience and grace. These 9 recipes are a gift from 8:30. Accompanied by stories and memories spanning the length and breadth of India – including parts of West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Nagaland, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Kerala, Goa, and Madhya Pradesh – our cultures come together in a shared meal which we hope you can smell, taste, cook, and eventually eat!

Part of FAR Network research for “Careful Growing” conducted throughout 2023-24, supported by Monash University Curatorial Practice and the Australia Council for the Arts.

With Aabha Muralidharan, 8:30 Collective x Menty Jamir, Tenacious Bee Collective x Malini Kochupillai, Madeleine Collie, Alana Hunt, and Meenakshi Thirukode (Food Art Research Network), Nipun Prabhakar.

DM @kanmaniponmani  / RSVP @ for the location details of the event.