Disorganising Metabolisms (Online Workshop)

Our workshop for disorganising asks how can we disorganise our relationship with capitalism through our metabolisms and what are the creative practices that might allow such shifts. For us these are artist led economies that establish bio-culturally diverse principles that circumvent capitalist paradigms of risk and profit. In this workshop we will explore how artist led economies are reimagining collective health in a sensitive metabolic relationship to the earth/soil/gut biome.

The workshop will start with sharing some protocols for inefficient mapping with artist methodologies researcher Linda Knight. We will think about metabolism as a site for disorganising our relationship to capitalism, and set out key principles for diverse community economies. 

We will work in groups to build a glossary for bio-culturally diverse economies and map some institutions by artists that explore food as a collective resource, beginning with some of the projects we have been speaking with as part of this research Cocina CoLaboratorio, Tenacious Bee, Company Drinks, Manthithoppu Milk Cooperative Society and Murnong Mummas.